#Starebene a Stromboli – Wellness Holiday 2020

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#Starebene a Stromboli – Wellness Holiday 2020

Regenerating holiday 2020 September from 12th  to 17th

Summertime in Stromboli!

Vacation time, joy, conviviality and freedom. We thought of combining the Beauty of Stromboli Island with the practice of opening up to the Nature of Zhineng Qigong and, of course, good and healthy Italian food.

Stromboli, the island, where the essential elements dominate. Sea, sky, air, fire, earth. A holiday of total openness to the energy of Nature, Beauty and Breath, Reconnection, Joy, Conviviality.

Stromboli Island is a magical and precious place, no cars circulate and in the evening there is no light in the small streets of the village, it is possible to admire a sky full of stars that joins the sea in distant places. The atmosphere is truly unique, both living the island and when approaching the ship and the imposing volcano rises in activity in the dark blue sea or in the night brightened by jets. There is no shortage of natural beauties to visit and meeting places with a holiday flavor.

Il “Vulcano nel Bosco”  (The Volcano in the wood)

The place that will host the holiday is the “Vulcano nel Bosco”, an ancient farmhouse, which was also the school of the town and home to artists. Memories of generations are collected there, and time has carved its signs in the shapes, colors, objects, stones and trees that surround the house.

The house give place to people who seek the experience of the relationship with nature and the roots of a place, between the volcano and the sea, where all the elements fill the senses in an intense way.

The house combines and sews the ancient thought of respect for nature, with current technologies, which integrate while remaining invisible, but guaranteeing energy autonomy through renewable sources (photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, rain collection, synergic gardens, composting …) thereby realizing the ancient spirit of the relationship of unity with nature as a source of abundance. In the garden there is also a thermal sulphurous spring bath available to guests

Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a method of complete opening to the energy of nature, for the improvement of the general state of health, suitable for everyone, essential and effective. Stress reduction and management practices and column dissolution will be combined.

For those who practice it will be a rare opportunity to enhance the experience of unity with nature, for those who discover it, they will be able to live a significant experience to learn how to get better and better.

The holiday

The keywords of the holiday are joy, conviviality and freedom, therefore the daily programs will be soft and flexible:

in the house we will have breakfast and dinner, only the practice of Zhineng Qigong will be every day in the late afternoon, greeting the Sun, in unique places of the Island and of the Volcano in the woods.

During the day it will be possible to take accompanied excursions, in suggestive locations, as well as to enjoy the deep blue sea and accessible beaches.

All activities will be carried out outdoors, ensuring safety distances. The accommodations in the rooms will be carried out by keeping groups of people known together or according to specific agreements.

Who we are

Stefania Ajossa, Zhineng Qigong Instructor, counseling techniques, meditation and personal growth

Davide Liuni, guest of the Vulcano nel Bosco, lover of the balanced relationship between man and nature, connoisseur of unique corners, available to make them known.

We will be at your disposal for the duration of the holiday. Depending on the group’s requests, practice sessions and excursions can be added.

Details and contacts

Fee per person per week:

Double room 560€

Triple and quadruple room 510€

Reservations by August 25th

The price includes: overnight stay, breakfast, dinner, evening practice sessions

Discounts for groups

Information and contacts Stefania 347 8144611/[email protected]

Facebook: Stefania Ajossa / Zhineng Qigong – Stefania Ajossa


How to get to Stromboli: Hydrofoil or ship from Naples, Milazzo and Reggio Calabria

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